Things and stuff to read.

Although most of this is for fun and pleasure
I really do not distnguish betweeen reading
for specific or general uses and for fun.
It is all fun to me, masochist that I am.

What you will find below are sites located on the internet that contain reading material.

Perhaps you can find something here that pleases you that you did not find on one of the other pages.
Books On-line: Authors To get overwhelmed go here: Books On-line: Authors
The Virtual English Language Center Not had enough? Then try this: The Virtual English Language Center
Walter Miller's Home Page Now for some Computer Humor The Bastard Operator From Hell Collection
Borges -- Garden of Forking Paths You have dawdled long enough. Try some good stuff Borges -- Garden of Forking Paths
Short Creek You can even read some of my stuff if you like: Short Creek
Chemical Nomenclature Why it is Nitrous and not Nitric acid? Chemical Nomenclature

The last entry is some real serious late night reading that truly belongs at the top of the Reference Page. However, it is so much fun to read I put it here.

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