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The major focus of this Family Reunion site is to publicize and make known as many family reunions as possible. However, in the family of man there are those extended groups that find pleasure in getting together. This page will publicize their activities.

This page will concentrate on reunions of "families" centered around extended blood affinity, ethnicity or culture, journey or emigration, racial affinity or geographical area but not political or other categories.

Again, the linking to these sites is free. If any of group would like their event here please send an E-Mail with the link. Or if you would like a free web page similar in size and nature to those offered to families go to the Web Page link and fill out the form

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Beckman Terrace - Oak Knoll Community
This is a reunion of an the Beckman Terrace -Oak Knoll community in Gary, Indiana. We were raised like family and those of us still living here would love to see the ones who have moved away. This is the first one, but we would like to do this periodically.

Brunduel Pioneer Society
Every year, on the Sunday closest to July 16th, a memorial service is held at Brunduel in honor of our ancestors who pioneered this wilderness almost two hundred years ago. The 200th year anniversary is being planned for July, 2003, with descendants of the pioneers coming from all corners of the world. Many of the proud descendants of the original pioneers still live on Prince Edward Island. Now is the perfect time to start planning a family visit to this historic event situated on Canada's beautiful Prince Edward Island.

FinnFest World 2000
We Welcome the World to Preserve, Inspire and Celebrate the Finnish Culture! FESTIVAL EVENTS: Performing Arts .. Folk Dancing .. Music .. Crafts .. Film .. Video .. Design .. Photography .. Foods .. Beer Gardens .. Banquets .. Sauna .. Sports .. Gymnastics .. Lectures .. Exhibits .. Chess .. Veterans Memorials .. Seniors' Activities .. Singing .. Kids' Activities .. Theatre .. Drama .. Comedy .. Fine Arts .. Multimedia .. Textiles .. Architecture .. Festival, Youth & Street Dances .. Church Services .. Spiritual Music .. Parade .. Gala Dinner ..

Germans From Russia - Alberta Chapter
This group gathers to share with their members the culture, the struggles and the successes of those who brought their German families out of Russia and onto the Canadian Prairies. They share family records and help each other in the quest to know and understand their links to the settlers in Russia and their roots in Western Europe. Communal activities including reunions are held throughout the year.

Germans From Russia - American Chapter
Plans are underway for the 2000 American Historical Society of Germans From Russia!! Mark your calenders for June 13-18, 2000. Many entertaining and fascinating activities are planned for the event this year in Lincoln, Nebraska. Go to the site to get an idea of the exciting times planned and find out why you should be there.

Germanna Memorial Foundation
Since its inception in 1956, the Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies in Virginia, Inc. has grown from a few hundred to over 2000 members today from all areas of the United States and several foreign countries. Each year, an Annual Reunion is held on the third Sunday in July at Siegen Forest and the Germanna Community College. The growing interest in our heritage and history is evident with the participation in events, visits to the Germanna site, use of local libraries, and the large increase in correspondence and membership. New members and visitors are always welcome.

Hermitage Slave Descendants' Reunion
The Organization is made up of those persons who are descendants of slaves who were kept on the President Andrew Jackson and his heirs' farms. Anyone who has oral history or proof of being a descendant of any of these slaves, or thinks they have a relationship to any of these slaves is invited to take part in the massive reunion.

The 2nd World Norfolk and Norwich Gathering
If you live in a Norfolk or a Norwich community, or once lived in Norfolk, England, we invite you to this World Family Gathering on our beautiful island in the South Pacific. The week includes a visit to the Royal Norfolk Island Agricultural and Horticultural Society's Annual Show, and the anniversary of the landing of Captain Cook in 1774.

Orkdal - An Invitation from
With the turn of the millennium, 175 years have passed since the ship "Restaurationen" left from Stavanger for the United States with 52 passengers full of expectations on board. Before 1960 more than 900,000 other Norwegians had followed in their footsteps. In light of this, a national event in remembrance of the Norwegian emigration will be launched in the year 2000. A national committee has invited every township in Norway to arrange local celebration programs. A challenge that Orkdal has accepted with pleasure. They are happy to invite you to come join them in the celebration.

Ouachita County Family Reunion
The Ouachita County Family Reunion of 1998 in Fort Wayne, Indiana was so much fun we are going to do it again in 2000. Plans are under way for the Millenium Reunion to be held in Camden Arkansas. Join in the fun and planning. Sign up to serve on one of the following committees: Steering, Accommodations, Activities, Attractions, Communications, Ancestry and more. Most of all plan to attend.

Scottish Events
A listing of all types of Scottish Gatherings, Festivals and Highland Games from now through the year 2000 located in Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Scotland and the United States

Timmins Millenium Celebration
Welcome to the Timmins2000 website! This site was built as a forum to inform Timmins residents and natives, and former Timmins residents, (wherever they may be), about our celebration of the upcoming millenium. The millenium represents a pivotal time for all, and we want to make this the biggest and most celebrated event in Timmins' history.

Yorktown Soldiers
On September 30, 2000, the National Park Service (Yorktown) and Anita Willis, will be hosting an event to commemorate African and Native Revolutionary War Soldiers from Amherst County Virginia. Many descendants of the soldiers will be in attendance.

The soldiers were part of a unit headed by Colonial William Cabel, and the officer in charge of the unit was Daniel Gaines. The men began their march on June 21, 1781 eventually meeting with Marquis De Lafayette and his unit. Both units marched to Yorktown to join forces with George Washington. Anita's ancestor, Rawley Pinn, was one of the soldiers.

There is no charge for attendance at the ceremony. The group will be meeting at 9:30 am at the Visitors Center at Yorktown. The entertainment will include the African Revolutionary War Corps. of Reenactors from Colonial Williamsburg. A Tour of the park and speeches by local historians. Please follow this link for more information:

Please contact Anita in case you have questions:

Yorkshire 2000
From 1772-1775 the YORKSHIRE IMMIGRATION was in full swing. Over 1000 people emigrated from Yorkshire England to Nova Scotia. The majority settled in the Chignecto Isthmus. The Yorkshiremen, came and purchased lands that had earlier been granted to New Englanders. The event will have all the warmth of a homecoming, the period of days will be known as Yorkshire Days. Additional information is also available at: This site is the home of Robert M. and Virginia F. McEachern

This reunion occurred in August 2000, but there is still information available.

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