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Family Reunion

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Some information you may want to provide on your webpage:
1. Who the Reunion is a gathering of, such as: descendants of a single couple; families of a subset of siblings, etc;
2. Someone to contact for more information and a way to contact them;
3. A little history of the family and the Reunion, e.g. number of years it has been in existence, total number of attendees, average yearly attendance, whether it is annual or otherwise, geographical area from which attendees are drawn, etc. (Be careful about how much specifically identifiable information you give. If I think you are giving too much I will email you with my concerns before the information is posted.);
4. Any future plans you have for the Reunion;
5. Any awards or special recognition the Reunion has gotten; and
6. Any other information you deem appropriate, informative or useful to the general public about your Reunion.

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